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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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New Home Brand


Daiwa Food New Home Brand “UMAMI”


The fifth taste “UMAMI”, is a word which was born in Japan and it is now a term that is known worldwide.
In certain countries such as China, Korea, India and France, Umami has even been accepted as a common taste that people enjoy.

Hence, in considering the name of our new Home Brand line, Umami has been deemed to be the perfect fit. In stating so, Daiwa Food’s new Home Brand, the “UMAMI” Brand was born. We trust and believe that the UMAMI brand will be the bridge for us in our efforts to share the taste which was popularised in Japan with people in Australia.

Each of the products under this new “UMAMI” brand is carefully selected and priced to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and enjoyment. We hope that UMAMI brand would be a preferred brand by our customers in the future as we put our customers’ satisfaction first and foremost.